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Event 1 Forecast for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate from Event 1 Software is an Excel based solution for distributed project forecasting.


Distributed Excel-Based Forecasting for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate - Job Cost

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Forecast provides a ready-to-use Excel-based reporting solution for completing each project forecasting cycle. Forecast automatically prepares formatted Excel workbooks containing your current project values, data-entry columns for recording status, and formulas that calculate projections and over/under. This lets project managers complete their cost-to-complete, cost-at-completion, or percent-complete analysis in the comfortable environment of Excel. When finished, forecasted values can be read by Forecast and written back to specific places in your Job Cost database for further reporting.

Forecasting Solutions

A set of more than 200 pre-built templates are furnished with Forecast to help you get started. Just identify the template that best meets your needs by answering a handful of questions (provided in the Forecast template guide included with the software). All Report Templates fall under the Limited Warranty for Packaged Excel Templates. A variety of methods for forecasting are supported:

  • Cost To Complete
  • Cost At Completion
  • Percent Complete
  • Units In Place
  • Expected Changes
  • Productivity Values

The Forecast Cycle

  1. Forecast queries information from Job Cost and creates or refreshes the forecast workbook for each job. Information on the worksheet that the user is not allowed to change can be protected and locked automatically as part of this step.
  2. Project Managers are notified that their workbooks are ready, or they can be sent their workbooks via Forecast’s email feature.
  3. Project Managers work in Excel to complete their analysis by entering values for Cost to Complete, Cost at Completion, Percent Complete, or Units in Place. No access to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is needed.
  4. When the workbooks have been updated, designated values from the report can be saved in Job Cost for use with Inquiries and Reports.


Feature Description
Forecast Manager This is an application that allows you to manage any number of Forecast workbooks. Refresh, Protect, Send, Unprotect, and Post any number of workbooks as a single batch.
Detached Operation Create a new Excel workbook using Forecast, retrieve current values from Job Cost, and send the workbook to Project Managers.
Interactive Formula Recalculations As values are entered, other columns are recalculated in real-time.
Security Because the workbook is a separate file and represents only one job, control can be easily maintained over the jobs that each Project Manager has access to.
Subtotals Subtotals and grand totals are provided for immediate analysis of the bottom line impact of forecasts.
Values can be saved in Job Cost ODBC writeable fields in Job Cost can be updated using information from the Forecast workbook.
Formula results can be saved in Job Cost The calculated results from formula-based columns can also be saved in Job Cost ODBC writeable fields.
Ability to include Job, Extra, Cost Code, and Category fields Any data field from the Job Cost Job Extra, Cost Code or Category Records can be included as columns.

Supported Platforms

 Click here for information about supported operating systems, versions of Excel, and versions of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.