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Office Connector Financials delivers a set of functions for use in Excel that you can use to pull various types of financial values from Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate General Ledger. With your financial data in Excel, you're empowered to create robust financial reports leveraging all of Excel's features, including: formatting for high-quality presentation, graphing and charting, pivot tables, and more.

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How Office Connector Financials Compares to Alternatives

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Feature Description
Financial Functions Office Connector Financials delivers a set of new worksheet functions available for your use in Excel. The TSGLAmount function allows you to easily get a financial value from your general ledger data by specifying the desired fiscal year, period, prefix, and base account. All of the work is done for you to read the general ledger data values, and produce the requested value. With this, you can report the following types of values as of any desired fiscal period:
  • Balance
  • Period Activity
  • YTD Activity
  • Period Debit Activity
  • YTD Debit Activity
  • Cash Balance
  • Period Cash Activity
  • YTD Cash Activity
  • Period Debit Cash Activity
  • YTD Debit Cash Activity
  • Period Budget
  • YTD Budget
  • Period Cash Budget
  • YTD Cash Budget
Roll-Back The term "Roll-Back" normally refers to the process of deriving a balance for a prior period by starting with the Current Balance and then subtracting the account activity for one or more prior periods. With Office Connector Financials, you simply identify the desired Fiscal Year and Period. It then determines how many periods back the requested period is relative to the current period and then performs the necessary math operations to roll back. Provided the necessary historical amounts exist in your data, you can roll back up to ten years.
Roll-Forward Sage 300 CRE General Ledger allows you to post transactions to six periods into the future relative to your current period. This allows accounting operations to continue even when you're not ready to close a given period or fiscal year. If a period hasn't been closed though, you may still wish to produce preliminary financials based on activity that has already been posted beyond the current period. Office Connector Financials allows you to do this by simply specifying the Fiscal Year and Fiscal Period for the future period. It then does the opposite of 'Roll-Back' by starting with the Current Balance and then adding the necessary future activity for the desired period.
Consolidations If your company uses a GL prefix to identify multiple fiscal entities, divisions, departments, or properties, you likely need to produce consolidated statements that add together the amounts by base account for multiple prefixes. Office Connector Financials makes this process easy. When specifying the prefix you wish to report, you have the following options:
  • Distinct prefix (no consolidation)
  • Prefix mask containing wildcard characters that results in a set of prefixes (e.g., all prefixes starting with "10-")
  • A list of prefixes (either in a simple text list, or as a range of cells)
Partner Statements When needing to prepare statements that reflect individual partner values based on percent of ownership, you can specify a Partner ID. Office Connector automatically calculates partner-level values based on percent of ownership in each prefix being included.
Multi-Folder If you have multiple Sage 300 CRE data folders and need to prepare consolidated statements (drawing data from multiple folders), Office Connector Financials has this solved. Just specify the path to the data folder in each financial function (or a range of cells containing a list of data folders).
Calendar Year Statements With Office Connector Financials, even if your fiscal year does not end on December 31st, you still have the option to produce financial statements based on the calendar year.
Excel Integrated Financial values provided by Office Connector Financials can be used with the robust feature-set of Excel:
  • Graphing & Charting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Rich Formatting
  • Filters & Sorting
  • Interactivity
Pre-Built Statements Six pre-built financial statement templates are provided with Office Connector Financials. Click the title of any template to get more information, including screen-shots:
Entity Comparison Provides a means to produce an income statement for up to 10 prefixes side-by-side. Also provides a pie-chart that can be displayed for any line on the statement to show the percentage of each prefix as compared to the whole.


Financial Statements with Drill-Down Includes a traditional Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Income Statement. Any value on these statements can be double-clicked to show a list of the supporting transaction detail.


Multi-Folder Financial Statements Allows a set of Sage 300 CRE data folders to be selected for inclusion on a consolidated income statement.


Pivot Account History Queries account activity totals for periods going back as far as ten years. Queried data is then used in an Excel Pivot Table to provide quick creation of various kinds of aggregate results.


Pivot Entities Queries account activity totals by fiscal entity. Queried data is then used in an Excel Pivot Table to provide quick creation of various kinds of aggregate results.


Profit & Loss by Month Provides a traditional income statement with a column for each period of the fiscal year. Columns for periods beyond the current period may be used to display budgeted values. A graphical trend-line can be displayed for any line on the statement.



Office Connector Financials is a site-level extension to all of your Office Connector Query licenses. In other words, you can acquire Office Connector Financials for a flat price regardless of the number of users or licenses of Office Connector Query. The financial functions are then enabled for all of your Office Connector Query Designer or Office Connector Query Standard licenses.

Office Connector Query version 2.4.0 or higher is required in order to acquire the Office Connector Financial functions. Users of older versions may upgrade to the current version provided software provided that their software maintenance is current.

Supported Platforms

 Click here for information about supported operating systems, versions of Excel, and versions of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.