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Office Connector Recorded Training

Recorded Training for Office Connector

Adding Data Validation to Excel Worksheets

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Duration: 11 minutes

In this video, we'll cover how to use couple Excel's Data Validation feature with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data provided by Office Connector. Although the example is GL focused, the concepts covered in this training video can be applied to many different scenarios.

Creating a List of Field Names

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Duration: 2 minutes

Learn how to use tools in Office Connector Query Designer to get a list of internal field names that can be used in Office Connector Query worksheet functions.

Filling Down Formulas

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Duration: 2.5 minutes

When utilizing the queries that are created using the Query Wizard, it is common to add other columns that contain formulas. This video discusses how to do this correctly so that formulas are automatically copied down to new rows when the data in the query is refreshed.

Getting Started, Exercise 1 - Vendor List

Play Video Duration: 10.5 minutes

Watch and learn how to create the vendor list report based on Exercise 1 of Office Connector Query Getting Started.

Click here for the step-by-step instructions and try it yourself!

Looking Up Field Values

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Duration: 1.5 minutes

This video shows how you can use Office Connector's Lookup Wizard to insert TSLookup functions into your worksheet. TSLookup functions allow you to retrieve data from any field in any table by using the primary key (identifier such as an account number) to locate the record you want.

OCDrillDown Function

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Duration: 6 minutes

In this video, we'll cover how to apply drill-down capability to reports using the OCDrillDown function that is part of Office Connector Query.

OCRetain Function

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Duration: 3.5 minutes

When designing a report that includes a query, you may sometimes wish to have data-entry columns. This video addresses how to use the OCRetain function to keep your manually input values on the correct rows when the query inserts rows for new data.

Office Connector - Introduction to Report Design

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Playlist Duration: 82.5 minutes

The Introduction to Report Design series covers the basics of using Office Connector Query to create your own custom templates and save them for future use. To play the entire series, click the Play Video Series link. Or to watch a specific topic, click the desired link below.

This video series outlines the following topics:

  1.  Report Anatomy - Duration: 9.25 minutes
  2.  Query Wizard - Duration: 14.25 minutes
  3.  Function Selector / Report Headers - Duration: 15.5 minutes
  4.  Example Exercise - Trial Balance - Duration: 23.25 minutes
  5.  Formatting and Conditions - Duration: 7.5 minutes
  6.  Saving the Report - Duration: 12.5 minutes

Office Connector - Online Orientation

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Duration: 15 minutes

This video provides a basic introduction to the Office Connector Query software. It includes instructions on opening the software, available self-help resources, data security, and running reports provided with Office Connector Query for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.

Querying Job Cost Transactions

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Duration: 3.5 minutes

Learn how to use the Query Wizard to create a simple report showing Job Cost transactions for any job you choose. In the process, you'll also learn about named cells in Excel and how to add multiple conditions in the Query Wizard.