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Office Connector

Let us help you find the right set of Office Connector licenses that will accomplish your goals...

What would you like to do? Query Write Import
Standard Designer Financials Standard Designer Features Designer
Run and refresh any of the standard reports or reports written for you by your consultant.
Design or customize Excel-based reports
Add-On Feature for Office Connector Query which allows for additional Financial Functions, Roll-Back, Roll-Forward, Consolidations and more!
Use write-enabled workbooks to create or update records in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate that allow writing and where your security settings for ODBC permit it.
Design or customize write-enabled workbooks
Create import files from Excel data for import into Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate
Design custom solutions that can create import files for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

How To Buy

As a part of the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate product suite, Office Connector can be purchased directly from Sage using the contact information below or through your Sage Business Partner.

Sage Construction and Real Estate
Phone: 800-858-7095
Email: CRESales@sage.com