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Liberty Reports 1.00.0050

This release features improvements for the Liberty Reports Desktop, the Manage Connections window, adds the ability for Designer license owners to evaluate the Standard license and fixes some minor bugs.

Liberty Reports 1.00.0049

This release introduces the ability to drill down on cell values to display the underlying details, adds automated support for AutoFilters, and includes some minor enhancements to licensing and diagnostic emails.

Liberty Reports 1.00.0048

This release features an updated Liberty Reports Desktop and a number of bug fixes.

Liberty Reports 1.00.0041

This version contains the following enhancements:

  • Added support for rebranding individual database types. For example, Sage Master Builder is now displayed as Sage 100 Contractor, while keeping everything else working as before.
  • Liberty Reports can now call macros that you record to run at specific time, for example just before refreshing data, so you can carry out steps tied to events in the workbook. See the complete documentation here.


Liberty Reports 1.00.0040

This release contains enhancements for the setup program, toolbar management, users with multiple connections, report authors using multiple flavors of Liberty Reports and more.

Liberty Reports 1.00.0037

This version contains two exciting enhancements:

  • A new toolbar for Excel 2003 and a dedicated ribbon for Excel 2007 and above.
  • Automatic setup of databases for Sage Master Builder.


Liberty Reports 1.00.0029a

This maintenance release adds support for the new encryption features of Sage Mastor Builder version 17.

Please review the knowledge base article that outlines additional steps that will have to be performed in order to enable access to Sage Master Builder data via Liberty Reports.


Liberty Reports 1.00.0029

Adds improvements for the Software Updates feature and resolves an issue in the Function Wizard for Prolog and SQL Server versions.

Liberty Reports 1.00.0028

  • The Edit SQL button has been updated to make it more obvious what the button does.
  • It is now possible to use databases that contain duplicate table names across multiple schemas.
  • A new button on the Technical Support section of the Program Options window provides information to the Environment Report.
  • Enhancements to Query Wizard
  • Other enhancements and bug fixes...

Liberty Reports 1.00.0026

Enhancements to Liberty Reports Desktop and the Query Wizard.