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Office Connector 2.02.0045

  • New and updated templates.
  • Enhancements to Office Connector Launch Pad.
  • Increased evaluation period.
  • Enhancements to pop-up messages.
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 compatibility.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

Office Connector 2.02.0035

  • Added support for using OCRetain with stacked queries.
  • Implemented a workaround for workbooks that could lock up upon opening. The issue was caused by a limitation in Excel for workbooks containing more than 65K dependencies.

Office Connector 02.02.0032

  • Resolves an issue where workbook functions would display zeros after switching data folders.
  • Resolves an issue where workbook functions would display zeros on machines where Timberline was not installed, even with Save data with report enabled

Office Connector 2.02.0031

  • A bug was identified and fixed where if a row completely disappeared from the query and a brand new row appeared in its place, the input value from the original row would persist.
  • This version implements a faster method for applying the fill down formula to new rows.

Office Connector 2.02.0030

  • This version provides much faster performance for users who utilize “persistent caching”.
  • Based on the concept of the available-for-purchase “Retain” VBA module, the new OCRetain function has been redesigned for the enterprise and integrated into the core software – at no additional cost to you! Watch the video!
  • New reports have been added to the launch pad, including JC Job List with Maps and Weather, JC Transactions and PM Lease Expiration List.
  • There have been many improvements to the usability of the software.

Office Connector 2.02.0017

  • Improved compatibility with Timberline 9.5 and above:  Non-administrative users can now access data folder paths longer than 68 characters in length.
  • Added the ability to suppress and re-enable optimization prompts for workbooks created using Office Connector between versions 2.01.0023 and 2.01.0033.
  • Minor updates to the look of various windows.