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CFMA Benchmarker Template – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • After I map all of my accounts to the survey inputs, can I re-use the mapping for other entities, or for next year’s reporting?

    Yes, on the worksheet where you map your chart of accounts to the survey inputs, there is a button to save your mappings. This will save the mappings to an XML file located in your Sage 300 CRE data folder. On the same worksheet, there is a button to load your mappings. Click this button when starting a new survey and you wish to use the mappings you previously saved.

  • Can I use this to submit information for multiple entities?

    Yes, simply use the same template to create a separate Excel workbook for each entity.

  • Will this work if the entity (or entities) I’m reporting consist of multiple GL prefixes?

    Yes, you can consolidate multiple prefixes either using wildcards or by listing the specific prefixes that should be consolidated.

  • What if I have an account that would need to be split into multiple inputs on the survey?

    In this case, you would need to map the account to one of the survey inputs. Before submitting the file, you can manually reallocate the amount to the additional inputs. This may require running other reports or estimating the breakdown.

  • What if my company’s fiscal year is not on a calendar year?

    No problem. Simply indicate the four digit year of the last fiscal year completed (based on the month in which the fiscal year ended). You'll still identify period 12 as the last period of your fiscal year (or 13 if your company uses 13-periods).

  • What if I make a mistake and need to re-submit my information?

    While the survey is open, you can always re-upload your survey. Just make sure to use the same filename so that the previously uploaded file will be replaced with the new version.

  • My company operates on a cash basis. Will this solution still work for me?

    Yes, you can select either "Accrual" or "Cash" when using the template. Note that the accounting method you select must be supported by how your General Ledger is setup.