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How do I confirm that the Sage 100 Contractor API is installed correctly?


Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor depends on the Sage 100 Contractor API being installed and working correctly. This component is provided by and supported by Sage.


You can check your installation of the Sage 100 Contractor API by following the steps below. This does not require you to use Liberty Reports.

  1. Close any open instances of Excel
  2. Start Excel (with a new, blank workbook)
  3. Press Alt+F11 (to start the Microsoft Visual Basic editor)
  4. Press Ctrl+G (to open the Immediate window at the bottom)
  5. In the Immediate window, type the following and press Enter:
    NOTE - Although it may appear that "IntializeAPI" is misspelled, this is actually the correct spelling per the Sage 100 Contractor API.
  6. The next line should read 0 if it succeeded. Otherwise, it will return an error number (e.g., 5000, 10000).

If this process returns a non-zero result, that means the Sage 100 Contractor API is not installed correctly and cannot be initialized. This means that Liberty Reports will be unable to utilize it.

For support on resolving this type of issue, please contact your Sage 100 Contractor support representative.