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How do I enable macros for templates provided by Event 1 Software?


Some Excel templates that are provided with your Event 1 Software product contain Excel macros that are used to automate certain tasks.  The default macro security settings in Excel may prevent these macros from being used or may require you to click a button to enable them upon opening.

The Excel macros contained in these Excel templates are digitally signed by Event 1 Software.  The digital signature ensures the authenticity of the macros and that they have not been modified to work in a way not originally intended.

Click here for information about an expired digital signature on Event 1 Software templates distributed before November 22, 2010.


You can allow macros in these templates to be enabled automatically by adding Event 1 Software as a trusted publisher.  You only need to do this one time on each workstation.

Excel 2010 & above

  1. Do not click the Enable Content button. Instead, click on the sentence to the left of it that reads "Some active content has been disabled. Click for more details" (show me)
  2. Click the Enable Content drop-down button and click Advanced Options (show me)
  3. Select Trust all documents from this publisher (show me)
  4. Click OK
Excel 2007
  1. On the Security Warning bar, click Options (show me)
  2. Click Trust all documents from this publisher (show me)
  3. Click OK

More Information

For complete information about enabling macros from trusted publishers, refer to the following Microsoft article: