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How do I save my Excel workbooks that contain macros?


Some of the report templates furnished with your Event 1 product contain enhanced functionality that is provided by Excel macros.  This may also be true of custom report templates built for you or that you have built yourself. When you attempt to save one of these files using Excel 2007 or higher, the following warning message may be displayed:

The following features cannot be saved in macro-free workbooks:

* VBA Project
To save a file with these features, click No, and then choose a macro-enabled file type in the File Type list.
To continue saving as a macro-free workbook, click Yes.

<Yes> <No> <Help>

This happens because the default type of file for Excel 2007 and above is XLSX which does not support workbooks that contain macros.  Proceeding to save the file as a macro-free workbook may reduce its functionality or even result in it being no longer usable for its intended purpose.


In order to preserve the macros when the workbook is saved, you must select a macro-enabled file type such as XLSM or XLTM.  Note that the last letter of the file-type is "M" to indicate macros.  The solution therefore, is to select a macro-enabled file-type such as "Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook" from the Save as type list in the Save As window as shown here:
Save as Macro Enabled