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Liberty Reports shows ‘invalid data drive’ message when trying to connect


Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor uses the Sage 100 Contractor API when working with a Sage 100 Contractor database of version 19 or prior. The API is used to populate the list of known databases for use with Liberty Reports and is also used to validate login credentials.


The following issue arises when Sage 100 Contractor v19 and v20 have both been installed on the workstation. When attempting to connect to a Sage 100 Contractor database (v19 or prior), the following message is displayed by Liberty Reports:

Event 1 Liberty Reports
"C" is not a valid data drive.


This is a known issue that exists in some environments where both v19 and v20 have been installed. The above error indicates that the v20 installation has disrupted the normal function of the v19 Sage API. This is a Sage API issue, not a Liberty Reports issue, nor is it caused by any Event 1 Software product.


The issue can be confirmed by downloading and running the following Sage API Tester utility. This utility does not utilize Liberty Reports or any Event 1 Software component. This can be run to confirm the issue regardless of whether Liberty Reports is installed or loaded.

  1. Download the following file and extract the "Sage 100 API Tester.xlsm" file.
  2. Double-click the "Sage 100 API Tester.xlsm" file to open it.
  3. In the security bar, click the button to enable content.
  4. Enter the drive letter where your Sage 100 Contractor data folders reside.
  5. Click Get Data Folder List

If an error message is returned (e.g., "SageAPI.SetDataDrive("C") returned error code 5003"), this confirms that the environment is experiencing the issue described above.


This issue can be resolved by re-installing v19 on each workstation that is experiencing the issue. Note that it may be necessary to first uninstall v19 and then reboot before re-installing. For further assistance, please contact Sage 100 Contractor technical support.