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What templates are available for Office Connector?

Template Library

Event 1 Software is in the process of building a library of add-on templates that provide solutions to common needs. 

Search For Templates

Use the following page to search for template solutions in our current library:


Current Library

The current library consists of the following templates:

  • AP Vendor Inquiry with Drill-Down
  • AP Vendor Restore Points
  • GL Entity Comparison
  • GL Financial Starter
  • GL Financial Statements
  • GL Financial Statements with Drill-Down
  • GL Multi-Folder Trial Balance
  • GL Prev Year Monthly Comparison
  • GL Trial Balance with Drill-Down
  • PM Aging Summary by Charge Type
  • PM Aging Summary by Tenant
  • PM Lease Abstract

    Be sure to check back periodically as we make more templates available.