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Why don't my Liberty Reports toolbar buttons work?


When clicking a Liberty Reports toolbar button, the following message is displayed:

Unable to run the macro, "macro-name"
Please make sure that the Liberty Reports add-in, LR.XLA, is enabled.

Example -


Liberty Reports consists to two add-ins. One of the add-ins is responsible for displaying the Liberty Reports toolbar. The other contains the core functionality and supports all of the actions that can be performed via the toolbar. The above message indicates that the add-in responsible for the toolbar is loaded and enabled however the core Liberty Reports add-in is not loaded and enabled.


Follow the steps in the following Knowledgebase article to load the Liberty Reports add-in:

How do I unload and load the Liberty Reports add-in?

Terminal Server and Citrix

Note that if you have installed Liberty Reports on computer where multiple users login (such as a Terminal Server or Citrix Server), the core Liberty Reports add-in is only loaded automatically during the installation for the user profile under which the installation was performed. For all other user profiles, the Liberty Reports add-in will need to be loaded by following the process in the Knowledgebase article identified above.