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Will Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor support the SQL Server Version?


The purpose of this article is to make you aware of our release plans for Liberty Reports as they relate to compatibility with Sage 100 Contractor v20 (the SQL release).

As you may already be aware, the upcoming release of Sage 100 Contractor v20 is an extensive upgrade because the underlying database engine will change (to Microsoft SQL Server). We want you to be aware that we have a version of Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor SQL (v20) nearing completion that will be compatible with this upgrade.

This article will provide information on Development Background, Frequently Asked Questions and the Release Schedule for the v20 compatible Liberty Reports.

Development Background

The upgrade of Sage 100 Contractor has been on our road map since we first learned of Sage’s plans to implement Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine for Sage 100 Contractor. We became aware of these plans early last year. We view the upgrade as a very positive development for users of Sage 100 Contractor because of performance gains, data security, and added query capabilities; all of which will have a positive impact on users of Liberty Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will the current version of Liberty Reports work with the new Sage release (v20)? No, the current version of Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor (LR-S100 for short) is compatible only with the legacy database structure (Sage 100 Contractor v19 and prior).
  • What is Event 1 Software’s plan to support the v20 of Sage 100 Contractor? A new version of LR-S100 is in the final stages of development. When released, this version will provide forward compatibility with Sage 100 Contractor v20 (using the Microsoft SQL Server database) as well as backward compatibility with the legacy database (see release schedule below).
  • Sage is in the process of executing a limited release plan for Sage 100 Contractor v20. Will the new v20-compatible version of Liberty Reports be available to Sage early release customers? No, Sage’s plan currently does not include customers who have identified to Sage that they are using Liberty Reports.
  • Will my existing Liberty Report designs work with the new database once it is supported? Yes, with the new release, existing reports (designed with prior versions using the legacy database) will continue to function with the new SQL Server database.
Release schedule

This is a conservative release schedule allowing us to roll out the new version to customers as the need increases.

  • Limited Early Release: December 2015 - A version of LR-S100 that is compatible with Sage 100 Contractor v20 will be made available on a limited basis to customers who are part of Sage’s early release and to business partners and consultants who are participating in our sales and consultant programs.
  • Need-Based Distribution: January 2016 - The Sage 100 Contractor v20 compatible version will be made available on request to all Sage 100 Contractor users who are migrating soon to v20 (in conjunction with Sage’s final early release phase). A customer notification will be emailed to all customers on-plan advising them of the upgrade and how to request a download link if they need to do so.
  • General Availability: April 2016 – In conjunction with the general availability of Sage 100 Contractor v20, the Sage 100 Contractor v20 compatible version of LR-S100 will be made available for download by all users from the Event 1 Software website.
  • Update Notification: Date TBD - All Liberty Reports customers (who have not already upgraded) will receive a pop-up notice that a new version is available for download.

If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming changes or release plan, please let us know.