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Will my Liberty Reports solution continue to work after upgrading Sage 100 Contractor?


Nearly 100% of the time, the answer to this question is 'yes', however a Liberty Reports solution consists of queries and functions that refer to specific tables and columns in your Sage 100 Contractor database. Although it is very uncommon, a new version of Sage 100 Contractor may include changes to the database that result in certain tables or columns being removed (because they are no longer necessary). If a table or column no longer exists in the database and your report design references the removed item, all or part of your report may not function.

Proactively Identifying Database Changes

Always refer to the release notes that accompany Sage 100 Contractor in order to learn about any database changes that may be included. If the release notes identify a section such as “Database and Report Changes”, pay particular attention to the details conveyed in this area of the document.

Upgrading to Sage 100 Contractor v19.2

This particular upgrade removes several columns from the GL Account table (lgract). Some new tables are also added as well as some new columns to existing tables. If your Liberty Reports solution references the GL Account (lgract) table, it could be affected by this upgrade if it references any of the columns that have been removed. To confirm whether your solution may be affected by these changes, review the list of removed columns in the release notes. Then check your Excel workbook or template design, or consult with the author of the report to determine if any of the removed fields are being referenced.

With the 1.0.50b release of Liberty Reports, the following financial templates were updated to support database changes introduced with Sage 100 Contractor version 19.2. Financial templates that support prior versions will still be installed with a "(pre v19)" suffix in the name:

  • Financial Statement
  • Trial Balance

In addition, for users of designer licenses, this update includes updated table and column information so that new tables and columns that were introduced will appear correctly in the wizards.