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How can Integrator be used with a Prolog database on a remote server?


Integrator can be used with a Prolog database running on a remote server (e.g., a server that is outside your local area network infrastructure) provided that connectivity requirements and permission requirements are satisfied.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) would be one means to connect your local environment to a remote server in such a way that the client workstation running Integrator would be able to connect with the SQL Server (containing the Prolog database) in the same manner as if the SQL Server was a member of your local area network.

Alternatively, connections to a SQL Server can be made via the Internet:

  • The TCP/IP protocol must be enabled on both the server and the client workstation.
  • The firewall must be configured to allow communication on the ports required by SQL Server.

For more information on connecting to SQL Server via the Internet, refer to the following Microsoft article:


The first time that Integrator connects to the SQL Server containing the Prolog database, Integrator will need to create a new database (named "Integrator"), establish a new user account (named "SDKUser") and assign the new user account to the Prolog database being accessed. The simplest way to enable this to happen is to make the first connection with the remote SQL Server using the system administrator account (sa) or an account with equivalent permissions. Ongoing use will not require this level of access except when applying an upgrade to the software that must update the structure of the Integrator database.


The performance of Integrator is dependent on the bandwidth of the connection. Local area network connections tend to be much faster than connections over the Internet.