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How do I automate the importing of Commitment COs?


If there are new commitments change orders to be created in Sage 300 CRE (from data in Prolog Manager), Integrator will create a file that can be imported into Job Cost using the Import Commitments feature.  This topic discusses how to automate this process so that Integrator can initiate the import process for you.

1.  Make sure an import file presently exists.

The file name of the import-file used by Integrator is "Subcontract COs from Prolog Manager.jcc".  This file is created automatically when you execute the "Perform Modifications" task with the "Commitment COs" option selected.  This file will need to exist before you can create a Sage 300 CRE macro.  To create this file manually (if it does not exist yet), follow these steps:
  • a) Start Notepad by clicking the Start button, then ProgramsAccessories, and then Notepad
  • b) Click the File menu and click Save.
  • c) In the Save in drop-down list (at the top), navigate to your Sage 300 CRE data folder.
  • d) In the Save as type drop-down list, select All Files
  • e) In the Filename field, type:  Subcontract COs from Prolog Manager.JCC
  • f) Click Save

2.  Create the Sage 300 CRE Macro

  • a) Start Sage 300 CRE Job Cost
  • b) Click the Tools menu and click Macros.
  • c) Click on Add Step.
  • d) Click the Tools menu, then Import and then Commitments.
  • e) In the Import file box, type:   Subcontract COs from Prolog Manager.JCC
  • f) Click Options and confirm the commitment-import settings.
  • g) If you prefer for the Sage 300 CRE Import Commitments Recap to be printed to a print file (rather than to a printer), click Printer Setup and check Print to file.  Also, click Select File and specify the file name.  Lastly, click OK.
  • h) Click OK to accept the settings in the Import Commitments - Print Selection window.
  • i) When prompted "If this step is unsuccessful", answer "Terminate macro immediately" and then click OK.
  • j) Click Save As and specify a filename of:   Import Commitment COs.mac

3.  Specify the name of the macro for Integrator

  • a) Start Integrator
  • b) Click Settings and then Subcontract CO Settings (this might be displayed as Commitment CO Settings on your system).
  • c) Click the Import tab
  • d) Check "Automatically launch Sage 300 CRE macro"
  • e) In the Macro file name box, click the ellipses button and select the file named Import Commitment COs.mac
  • f) Optionally, click Options to specify additional preferences that control how the macro will be executed. By checking the box entitled "Wait for macro to finish", you can add files (such as the name of the print file identified in step 2g) that Integrator will include as file attachments when sending email. When doing so, be sure to set the maximum time to wait (e.g., 600 seconds).
  • g) Click Save.