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How do I copy an existing connection to another workstation running Integrator?

Integrator connections are stored in the Integrator database that resides on the same server that contains your Prolog Manager database(s). When you create a new connection, the connection name and settings are stored in the Integrator database. At the same time, a file is also placed in the Integrator application folder. This file acts like a "short-cut" that identifies the existence of the connection within your Integrator database.

The connection file that Integrator creates is located in the "Connections" folder under the Integrator application folder (typically "C:\Program Files\Event 1\Integrator\"). The file-type is "*.eic".

To make an existing connection accessible from another workstation, simply copy the ".eic" file from the "Connections" folder on the original workstation to the "Connections" folder on the new workstation. When you start Integrator the next time, you will see the connection listed.

Note - The new workstation must use the same drive mappings for accessing the Timberline data folder.