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Why aren't Subcontract COs transfering and I get an 'Error 0' message?


After running the Perform Modifications task in Integrator, you find that one or more Subcontract COs that were expected to transfer do not appear in Sage Timberline Job Cost.  A review of the Perform Modifications recap report reveals the message "Error 0" at the end of the Subcontract COs section.  A review of the error log reveals the following type of entry which identifies a specific Commitment ID and Commitment CO:

mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss MyMachine UserName Integrator(2.82.xx).cInterfaceSubcontractCOsPM.zzProcessNewCO 0 


When the Determine Modifications task was run, it found that the Subcontract CO did not exist in Sage Timberline Job Cost and so it was added to the list of Commitment COs to be created.  When the Perform Modifications task was run, Integrator found that the Commitment CO already existed in Timberline which is unexpected.  A review of the Commitment CO in Job Cost reveals that the record is there but has the following characteristics:

  • Status = Not Issued
  • Amount = 0.00
This means that an "empty" Commitment CO record presently resides in Job Cost and is preventing the data from transferring.  The exact cause for the "empty" record is not known at this time but is being investigated.  If you have encountered this issue, please notify Event 1 Support so that we can gather additional information that may aid in finding the cause and permanent resolution.


Follow these steps to remove the "empty" Commitment CO record from Job Cost:

1.  Start Job Cost
2.  Click the Tasks menu and then click Commitment COs*
3.  In the Commitment* box, type the Commitment ID and press enter.
4.  In the Commitment CO* box, type the change order number and press enter.
5.  Press enter to move the cursor beyond the Desc box
6.  Click the Delete Commitment CO* button at the bottom of the window.

After performing the above steps, re-run the Determine Modifications and Perform Modifications tasks and confirm that the Subcontract CO transfers successfully.

NOTE - The term Commitment and Commitment CO may be different on your system depending on customizations.  The terms Subcontract, Subcontract/PO, and Subcontract/PO CO are often used here.