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Why do I get a 'Type mismatch #13' error when entering or changing invoices in Prolog?


When attempting to add, update, or delete a General Invoice or Contract Invoice in Prolog Manager, the following message may be displayed:

Type mismtach


Integrator is typically configured to automatically create Cost Periods (found under Admin - Cost Periods) in Prolog Manager based on the date of the invoices being created.  It does not however set or manage which period is designated as the current period.  Prolog Manager requires a current cost period to be specified in order to save or delete invoices.  If the cost period has not been specified, the the above error will occur because the current cost period is null instead of a valid period ID.

  1. Open the Project in Prolog Manager
  2. Click Admin
  3. Click Cost Periods
  4. Decide which period shown in the list represents the current period
  5. Check the box in the Current column for that period
  6. Click OK