How do I activate or update my Event 1 Software license(s)?


Your Event 1 Software application stores information about your software license on your local network.  This information gets updated when your software receives license keys provided by Event 1 Software.  License keys are used to initially activate your software license when you first purchase it, and are also used to update your license when things change.  An example of a change would be when you renew your Essential Success Membership (entitling you to receive new versions).  The license keys update your stored license information so that the software knows that you are eligible for new versions through the term of your plan.

Since your software license is tied to the physical location on the network where it resides, if that location changes (due to a server upgrade for example), you may need to update your license in this case also.

Before You Start

During the installation of your software, you were prompted to identify the path for your Event 1 License folder.  The same path should have been used when performing the installation on all workstations because this provides a central location that all workstations look to for their software license.  If you suspect that different paths were used or the path has changed, you can re-run the installation to establish the correct path.

Obtaining License Keys

NOTE - If this is the first time you are obtaining license keys, make sure that you have received an email from Event 1 Software that provides the License ID(s) for your company name.

Follow these steps to obtain the license keys you need.  These steps only need to be performed one time from any workstation that has your Event 1 Software application installed.

  1. Start the program
    • For Office Connector and Liberty Reports, start Microsoft Excel
    • For all other Event 1 Software products, start the application and dismiss any prompts that come up.

  2. Open the Licensing window for your application
    • Forecast & Integrator Click the Help menu and click Licensing

    • Liberty Reports
      1. Click the Liberty Reports tab on the ribbon.
      2. Click Licensing Wizard in the Program Features group.
    • Office Connector
      1. Click the Add-Ins tab on the ribbon
      2. In the Menu Commands group, click Office Connector, then Help, then Licensing
  3. If the Company Name box is blank, enter your company name as it is shown in the email you received from Event 1 Software.  For simplicity, you can copy and paste the name from the email into this box.

  4. In the grid showing the different types of licenses that are available, check the box in the Select column for each license that you need to obtain license keys for.

  5. For each selected license, enter your License ID if there is not already a value in that column.  You will find your License IDs in the email you received from Event 1 Software. You can copy and paste the IDs from that email into each row.

  6. Click Next

  7. Select a Communication Style
    • Online - This is the easiest way to obtain your license keys.  Your request for license keys will be submitted directly to our license server.  Our license server will determine what aspects of your license need to be updated and, if possible, will communicate the necessary license keys to the software.  Your license will be updated automatically.
    • Email - Your request for license keys will be emailed to our services group. You will receive a reply containing your license keys and instructions for entering them.
    • Fax - Your request for license keys will be faxed to our services group.  The request form will be displayed and you will be able to print it and fax it.  You will receive a return fax containing your license keys and instructions for entering them.
    • Phone - You can call the number shown on the screen to speak to a support representative during regular business hours.  Our representative can generate your license keys and provide them over the phone for you to enter.

  8. Click Next to communicate your license key request.
    • If you selected the Online option, your license will be updated automatically if license keys are successfully delivered.
    • If you selected Email or Fax, your license keys will be provided sometime later. In the meantime, you can close this window. When you re-open the Licensing window later, you will be asked if you want to enter the license keys that were sent to you.