How do I correctly apply a condition based on a list item field?


A condition involving a List Item Field is normally case sensitive.  The exception would be where a List Item Field is used with a TSFind function, TSLookup function, or the table-name argument of an Office Connector function is an SQL statement.

A comparison involving a List Item Field in a Query Table is always case-sensitive.

In the following example, a condition is applied to GL Transactions so that only accrual entries (not cash-based entries) are returned.  There are two possible values for the Accrual Or Cash (TAORC) field.  They are "Accrual" and "Cash".  The first letter of each value is capitalized and the rest is lower case.

Example of a correct condition

Example of incorrect condition


When creating a condition that uses a List Item Field, be sure to enter the value using the exact upper or lower case text that is found in the database.  In the Add Condition window, you can select Literal Value in the Value Type box and then click the drop-down arrow of the Value box to see a list of possible values.  To ensure accuracy, simply click on one of the values listed instead of typing it.