How do I downgrade to an earlier version?


Event 1 Software recommends that all users maintain a current subscription to Essential Success Membership (which includes software updates) and install new versions of the software as they are made available.  Remaining on a certain version may be necessary in some cases however.  The possible reasons for needing to remain on a given version or downgrade to a prior version are not addressed in this article.  This article is intended to provide a set of instructions however for the case when a newer version has been installed and you need to downgrade to a prior version.

  1. Confirm that you have the installation package for the old version that you need to downgrade to.
    • The name of the file will be in the format of setupproduct-name*.exe or su_product-abbreviation*.exe.  Double-clicking the file will popup a message indicating the version number.
    • The contents of the old installation package may already be stored on the computer's local drive under C:Event1application-abbreviation_version, where version is a compact representation of the version (e.g., C:Event1E1OC2246 = Event 1 Office Connector version 2.2.46).
    • If you do not know the name of your installation package, do not have access to it, or do not know which version you need, contact technical support for assistance.

  2. Uninstall Current Version
    Click here for detailed steps to uninstall.

  3. Re-Install Old Version
    Use the file (from Step 1 above) to re-install the old version by following the installation instructions provided with it.