How do I save a workbook without Office Connector functions or queries (save as values)?

A workbook that you create using Office Connector will contain Office Connector worksheet functions and/or queries that rely on a connection to your database.  You may want to provide a copy of an Excel workbook to someone who does not have Office Connector or a connection to your database.  This topic addresses how to satisfy this need.

Note - A future enhancement is planned to provide you the ability to save a workbook as values.  This will replace the contents of any cells containing Office Connector functions with their static values.  Queries will also be converted to static data.  All of your Excel formulas will remain unchanged.

As an interim solution, you can save a workbook as values by following these steps.

1.    Remove Links

a.    Open the Edit Links window

                                          i.    Excel 2003 and prior:  Select Tools / Edit Links

                                        ii.    Excel 2007 and later:  Click on the Data tab of the ribbon and then click Edit Links in the Connections group.

b.    Click on the link that is identified as “OC3.XLA” as the Source

c.    Click <Break Link>

d.    Click <Close>

2.    Disconnect Queries

a.    For each query in the workbook, right-click on the query range and select Data Range Properties

b.    Uncheck the Save query definition checkbox

c.    Click <OK>

3.    Save Workbook as a new filename