Software Notice 09A – Office Connector Upgrade Message

 March 9, 2009

Upgrade Notification Messages

If you downloaded Office Connector version 2.2.x prior to 2/17/2009, the installation package you recieved may have been missing the file responsible for automatically checking for updates.  If you upgraded from version 2.1.x or earlier, the old file is still on your system.  Since version 2.2.x incorporates significant changes in licensing, the old version of this file causes a false message to be displayed instructing you to call technical support.

If you have experienced the above scenario, we suggest that you download the current version and reinstall the application.  The current installation package contains the missing file, which will resolve the issue and allow you to continue to receive notices when updates become available.
Other ways to resolve this include:

  • Delete the old OCAutoUpdate.exe file from the Office Connector folder under Program FilesEvent 1.  This will resolve the issue now, and updates will be restored the next time you upgrade the software.
  • Turn off the Automatically check for updates option.  This approach will prevent Office Connector from ever checking for updated releases on your workstation.