Unable to open the license file


When opening Excel, the following message is reported in a pop-up message:


Unable to open the license file!  Please call technical support.



This error is caused when Office Connector is unable to open either the Query license file or the Write license file due to one of the following reasons:

·         The workstation is disconnected from the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate server meaning that the mapped drive containing the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate system folder cannot be accessed.  This may happen if the workstation is not connected to the network, the drive letter is not mapped or permissions do not permit access.

·         Permissions may be preventing read/write access to the Office Connector license file.

·         The license file may be corrupt.  This could occur due to network communication errors, abnormal termination of a process involving the license or tampering with the license file content.

Note - Even if you do not own a license of Office Connector Write (or Query), a license file is still present and represents the evaluation license.  The error message above can occur even for an expired evaluation license.



1.      Determine the path to the folder that contains the Office Connector license files.  To do this, launch Excel and select Help / Office Connector / Query License / View License Information.  The path will be identified under the heading License Information / License File.

2.      Close Excel on all computers on the network that run Office Connector.

3.      Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder identified in step 1.  Be certain to use the exact same folder path and not an equivalent (such as a UNC path if the path identified referenced a mapped drive letter).  If you cannot access this folder then you have identified the source of the above error message.  To resolve the error, you will need to obtain access to this folder.

4.      Assuming that you are able to navigate to the above mentioned folder, delete both Office Connector license from it.  The file names are E1OC.LIC and E1OCW.LIC.  If you are unable to delete these files then the cause of the above error is likely that you have restricted permissions to the folder or to these files.  You must have read/write access to these files for the software to function normally.

5.      After following the appropriate steps above to resolve the issue, restart Excel and confirm that the error message no longer appears.  The license files will be automatically recreated if you deleted them in step 4.


Please contact technical support if you continue to experience problems.