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What permissions are needed to import misc worksheet entries?


The 'Import Misc Worksheets' program that is included with Office Connector Import provides the ability to import data from a comma-delimited text file and create misc worksheet entries in Job Cost. The entries that are created are the same as those that would be created via 'Enter Misc Worksheets' on the Tasks menu within Job Cost. This article covers the minimum permissions needed within Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate in order to successfully import these transactions.


The following minimum permissions must be set within Sage 300 CRE Security Administration (found on the Tools menu within Sage Desktop):

  • Job Cost / Tasks / Enter Misc Worksheets
  • Job Cost / Tasks / Post Entries
  • ODBC / Read Access / JC Master files

Additional Information

The following are symptoms of having insufficient permission:

  • The following message is shown on the Import Misc Worksheet Entries recap:
    EXCEPTION: User does not have security to create transactions

    This indicates that the user does not have access to Enter Misc Worksheets on the Tasks in Job Cost. Even if the user will not be utilizing this task (to manually record entries), the user must still have access to this task in order to import.
  • The following message is recorded in the error log:
    [Simba][SimbaEngine ODBC Driver][DRM File Library]Invalid account name

    This indicates that the user does not have ODBC read access to the JC Master File. This permission is needed your import file contains entries that use the 'Replace' option in the Action column.
  • Entries are imported but do not post to the JC Master file totals and move to the current transaction file.
    This indicates that the user does not have access to Post Entries on the Tasks menu in Job Cost.