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When using the 'Search Sage Timberline Office' template, some searchable values are ignored


This is a known issue with revision 9 and prior of this template. This issue applies to the Starter version of the template as well as the version supplied to licensed users of Office Connector Query.
  • Office Connector Starter
    • Filename: Search Sage Timberline Office.xlt
    • Found on the Starter tab of Office Connector Launch Pad and in Sage Desktop
  • Office Connector Query
    • Filename: TS Search Sage Timberline Office.xlt
    • Found on the Reports tab of Office Connector Launch Pad


The values entered in the following cells of the Search worksheet are ignored when applying the search criteria for the following sets of results:
Cell (Field Name) Results Affected
Extra X X X
Cost Code X X X
Category X X X
Commitment X X X
Commitment CO X X
Change Order X X
Draw X X
Property X
Unit X
Tenant X
Lease X


A revised version of the template is available that corrects this issue.
  • Users of Office Connector Starter can obtain the new version (of "Search Sage Timberline Office.xlt") by contacting Sage support or by installing Sage Timberline Office 9.8 or higher (when available).
  • Users of Office Connector Query can click here to contact Event 1 Software's support group and request the current version (of "TS Search Sage Timberline Office.xlt").