Why am I prompted about optimizing my workbook that doesn’t use Office Connector functions?


Upon opening an Excel workbook that does not use Office Connector functions or queries, you receive the following prompt:

"This workbook was saved using a prior version of Office Connector. This workbook needs to be optimized to run faster under the new version. If you do not optimize this workbook, it may take longer to refresh that it did before. Do you want Office Connector to optimize your workbook now?
<Yes> <No>"


Office Connector adds a version stamp to a workbook that is being saved if it contains any Office Connector functions or queries.  Older versions of Office Connector (prior to 1.1.x) may have also added this stamp to workbooks that did not contain Office Connector functions or queries.

Office Connector version 2.01.0038 introduced a significant performance enhancement.  To utilize this performance enhancement with workbooks created by previous versions, an optimization process needs to occur.  This allows worksheet functions to be evaluated more quickly.

Office Connector detects if a given workbook needs to be optimized by inspecting the version stamp when the workbook is opened.  If the version stamp is lower than 2.01.0038 then the above prompt is displayed.


Option 1

Customers with current software maintenance can click here to upgrade to version 2.01.0039 or higher.

Option 2

If the workbook you are opening contains Office Connector functions or queries then you should click Yes to allow the workbook to be optimized and then save the workbook.

If the workbook you are opening does not contain Office Connector functions or queries then you should click No and then follow these steps to remove the Office Connector version stamp:

Excel 2007
  1. Click the Office Button in the upper left corner
  2. Click Prepare and then Properties.  The document properties will be displayed at the top above the worksheet and below the ribbon.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to Document Properties and click Advanced Properties...
  4. Click the Custom tab
  5. In the Properties list, click on OCVersion
  6. Click the Delete button
  7. Click OK
  8. Click the X in the upper right corner of the document properties area to hide the document properties
  9. Save the workbook

This issue was resolved in version 2.01.0039 of Office Connector by ignoring the version stamp when the workbook does not contain a property that identifies the Timberline data folder.