Why do I have two Office Connector toolbars with one of them grayed out?

This issue occurs when an older version Office Connector is installed to a network location such as the T drive, and is later upgraded to the Sage-branded version.  As explained in this knowledge base article, the setup program runs under a different security context, which cannot access the mapped drive.  Since the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate installer is "silent", there is no opportunity for the person installing the software to detect or correct the situation ahead of time.  When the toolbar is upgraded during installation, the new toolbar is added but the old version cannot be removed.


The solution is to make Office Connector perform the toolbar upgrade under the context of your standard user security token.
  1. Open Excel.
  2. Open the INI file by going to Office Connector / Help / Environment / Open Configuration File.
  3. Close Excel.
  4. Change the INI entry under the [Toolbar] section from LastVersion=2.03.0002 to LastVersion=2.00.0000 and save your changes.
  5. Open Excel.