Why does my query reappear after I delete it?


After deleting query data, it reappears the next time you refresh the workbook.


It is possible to remove the query data from the worksheet without removing the query definition itself.  So long as the query definition remains, data will reappear when you refresh the workbook.


This technique is demonstrated in the “Clean Up” phase of this online tutorial.

When deleting a query, you must select the entire query range in order to delete both the data and the query definition.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the Name box to select the entire query.  When your cursor is in the Name box, you can type the name of the query if you know it or you can click the drop-down arrow to select it from the list.  The default name given to Office Connector queries starts with the letters "qry".  After you select the query, the range of cells where the query resides will be selected.
  2. Press the Delete key and click Yes when prompted to delete the underlying query definition.