Why doesn't the Cost To Complete report return any data?


When running the Cost To Complete report from the Office Connector Starter set of reports, no data is returned after entering a valid job number and clicking the Refresh Data button.


This issue is being caused by the formatting of the cell in which the job number is entered as well as the hidden cell that the job number is copied to when you click the Refresh Data button.  Depending on the specific job number value and its format, Excel may interpret the value you enter as a number or date (instead of text) and consequently re-format the value.  For example, if your job numbers do not contain separators and the job number you are using has leading zeros, Excel would interpret your input as a number and strip the leading zeros.  This change to the format results in the report trying to query data using the wrong job number.  Likewise, if your job number value and format is interpreted as a Date, Excel may reformat it accordingly with the same result.


This issue exists in version 11 and prior of the report template and is resolved in version 12.  The new version will be included with the fall release of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate 9.7 in late 2010.  If you are experiencing this issue now, you may request the revised report template by contacting Event 1 Software's support group:

Click here to contact support and request the updated version.

If you are not certain where to save the updated version, refer to the related knowledgebase article entitled "Where do I save updated versions of the Excel templates provided with Office Connector?" or seek assistance from your support representative.