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Why don't I see a list of data folders after upgrading from Sage Timberline Office 9.4 to 9.5 or higher?

Using Excel XP (2002) or 2003, when you click on an Office Connector toolbar button that would require you to identify a Sage Timberline Office company data folder, you receive the following message:

There are no Sage Timberline Office companies already identified.  Click Search to discover available companies or click Browse to specify a known company.

As a further symptom, if you click Browse, select a data folder, and then enter your login information, you receive a message saying that your user name or password is incorrect.

This issue accompanied by an entry in the Event 1 error log that contains text indicating one of the following two scenarios:

Scenario 1
Paris(3.2.17).cDataFolders(1).zzGetFolderList -2146232576 Automation error

Scenario 2
Paris(3.2.17).cDataFolders(1).zzGetFolderList -2146232576 File or assembly name tsDataFolderDialogs, or one of its dependencies, was not found.

Resolution to Scenario 1
This is a known issue that is caused by an incompatibility between the Sage Timberline Office ODBC driver and Microsoft Excel XP (2002) / 2003.  Because Office Connector depends on the Sage Timberline Office ODBC driver to connect with your data, this incompatibility results in an inability to use Office Connector.
Installation of the following update for Microsoft Office will resolve the compatibility issue:

Microsoft Office 2003 update (KB907417)
Click here to obtain this update.

Resolution to Scenario 2
This is a known issue caused by an incompatibility between VBA under Microsoft Office XP (2002) and the Microsoft .NET Framework.  The solution involves creating a new registry entry as outlined in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article under the heading Clients that are running Office 2000 or Office XP.