Why is the following message displayed when launching Excel? "Office Connector1.xlsx could not be found"

Upon opening Excel or attempting to use any Office Connector feature, the following message is displayed:

“OfficeConnector1.xls could not be found”


“OfficeConnector1.xlsx could not be found”

This is typically caused if the current installation of Microsoft Excel is not up to date with regard to available service packs.


  1. Install the latest service packs available for Microsoft Office.
    Use the following link to visit the Microsoft Update page and check for available service packs:
  2. Unload and reload the Office Connector add-in.
    Use the following link for for instructions:


  • If you already have the latest service packs installed, you can skip directly to step 2.
  • If you do not have the latest service packs installed and you skip directly to step 2 this may resolve the issue only temporarily.
  • For information about the latest service packs that are available, click here.