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Custom Liberty Reports Workbook Prompting For Custom Connection After Upgrade


After upgrading from Liberty Reports version 1.x to Liberty Reports version 2.x, you may receive an error message when opening a custom report designed with Liberty Reports version 1.x.

Error Message

A connection called "ConnectionName" is needed in order for the query "QueryName" to be refreshed.

Liberty Reports can automatically create a connection for you based on an existing database. Would you like to select an existing database now?


Legacy versions of Liberty Reports may have created a custom connection name when creating a custom report template instead of the default connection name typical for each Integration available.

For example, instead of using the default connection name of Sage 100 Contractor the report may reference a custom name. This custom name could be either something the report designer created at the time, or something the software created automatically such as a company name or database name instead of its type.


We have developed a tool to assist our users who experience this issue with easily renaming the connections being referenced by all queires with a custom Liberty Reports template which can be downloaded using the following link:

Rename Liberty Reports Connection Tool

Once downloaded to your local computer, please use the following steps to rename your Liberty Reports workbook connection name.

NOTE: This tool should only be used if all your existing queries within a workbook are only referencing a single connection
  1. Open the Liberty Reports workbook producing the error
  2. Click No to the error message noted above
  3. Click No when prompted with the message, Would you like to continue refreshing queries?
  4. Open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications by pressing Alt-F11
  5. Select File\Import File...
  6. Browse to the location you selected when downloading the file above and select FixQueryConnections.bas
  7. Click Open
  8. Close Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications
  9. Press Alt-F8 to open the Macro option within Excel
  10. Select SetQueryConnections and click Run
  11. Enter the default Connection name expected by Liberty Reports for your integration (see below)
    Liberty Reports Integration Default Connection Name
    Liberty Reports for Prolog Prolog
    Liberty Reports for Sage Estimating (SQL) Sage Estimating
    Liberty Reports for Sage 100 Contractor Sage 100 Contractor
    Liberty Reports for Sales Simplicity Sales Simplicity
    Liberty Reports for SQL Server SQL Server
    Liberty Reports for Vista by Viewpoint Vista
    Liberty Reports for WMS WMS
  12. Click OK
  13. Click OK to the prompt stating you have updated a number of queries
  14. Save your changes to your Liberty Reports workbook

If you would like assistance with this process, please feel to Contact Us.