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I’ve Licensed My Office Connector or Liberty Reports Designer License, But I’m Still Getting a Prompt About The Evaluation License Expiration


When Office Connector Query & Write or Liberty Reports is first installed, both the Designer and Standard features are activated with a 10 day evaluation period. These features are activated without entering a valid License ID.

If you only purchased a Designer license, once you have completed licensing your software, the built-in Standard evaluation stil exists.


When launching a report, Office Connector Query & Write and Liberty Reports know that refreshing the report only requires access to the Standard license in order to successfully run the report. The Designer license functionality is not needed.

Since an evaluation of the Standard license exists, it displays a prompt to alert you that the evaluation for the Standard license will expire on a certain date.


  1. This issue will resolve itself once the expiration date of the Standard license evaluation passes. The software will then no longer try to use the Standard license and it will no longer display the message.
  2. The support team can issue you an evaluation license ID for the Standard license that will set the expiration date to a date in the past. This will prevent the software from trying to use the Standard license and the message will no longer be displayed.

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  3. Using Office Connector Administrator or Liberty Reports Administrator, you can set the default permissions for all users to disallow access to the Standard license and the message will no longer be displayed.

    To contact our support team for assistance with this process, Click Here.