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Microsoft Office 2010 Security Update Impairs Functionality


A recent Security Update to Microsoft Excel 2010 causes loss of functionality in some reports designed for Liberty Reports and Office Connector. While some reports may work, others may present the following symptom.


  • During refresh, Excel will stop responding while calculating results.


In order to restore functionality for Office Connector or Liberty Reports, uninstall the Security Update released by Microsoft. For more information on the Security Update,
Click Here

To Uninstall Security Update

  1. Close all instances of Microsoft Excel
  2. Open Windows Control Panel
  3. Open Programs and Features
  4. Select View Installed Updates
  5. In Search Installed Updates, enter the following: KB3178690
  6. Once Security Update has been located, right-click and select Uninstall

Once the above steps have been completed, simply retry your report and functionality should be restored.

If you require assistance with this process or would like more information, feel free to Contact Us!