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n of Your Queries Could Not Be Refreshed


When you apply Auto Filters using Microsoft Excel 2016 and higher to a Liberty Reports template, you receive a message after refreshing the report stating n of your queries could not be refreshed where n is the number of queries present in your Liberty Reports template.


Liberty Reports templates can be modified to automatically remove Microsoft Excel Auto Filters before refreshing the template, then re-apply them as soon as the template is refreshed. Following the instructions listed below will enable this logic for the Liberty Reports template in question.

Resolution Instructions

  1. Open the Liberty Reports template using Microsoft Excel in Safe Mode
  2. Select File\Info from within Microsoft Excel
  3. Select Properties\Advanced Properties
  4. Select the Custom tab
  5. Enter E1ManageAutoFilters in the Name field
  6. Enter 1 in the Value field
  7. Select Add
  8. Select OK
  9. Save your Liberty Reports template