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Compatibility with Sage 300 CRE v16.1

Software Compatibility Alert

Some or all of the functionality of the following products may be disabled by the installation of Sage 300 CRE v16.1 REV 4

This article describes the nature of the issues and their resolutions. If you intend to upgrade to v16.1, please read this article thoroughly before proceeding and route any questions or concerns to the technical support group.

  • Sage Office Connector Query
  • Sage Office Connector Write
  • Event 1 Forecast
  • Event 1 Integrator
This article consists of the following topics:
  • Background
  • Impact of ODBC Driver Supplied with Sage 300 CRE v16.1 REV 4
  • Impact of ODBC Driver Supplied with Sage 300 CRE v16.1 REV 5
  • Product Updates


The affected products utilize an ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) connection to access your Sage 300 CRE database for reading and writing. The Sage ODBC driver that supports this connectivity is constructed by Sage using an SDK (Software Developer Kit) made by Simba Technologies. The latest version of the Sage ODBC driver that is included in the 16.1 release represents a significant upgrade from version 7 of the SDK to version 10. As a result, several new capabilities have been added which will support more sophisticated types of queries.

To verify the version of ODBC driver that is currently installed on your system, please follow the steps listed here. The new Sage ODBC driver also includes some known issues that impact the products listed above.


ODBC Driver Supplied with Sage 300 CRE v16.1 REV 4(driver version With this version of the ODBC driver, the prompt for your Sage login credentials is managed by the driver itself (not by the product using it). Consequently, the product is not aware of the user name that is used to login. The table below describes how this impacts each product as well as other issues and their impact.
Sage Office Connector Query & Write Regardless of specific users that you may have listed on the “License Permissions” tab of Office Connector Administrator, the permissions for “” will be applied to all users (i.e., specific user permissions will be ignored). This is of significance because, by default, the permissions assigned to “” for Office Connector Write dictate that access to your Write licenses (Designer and Standard) are disabled for all unlisted operators. Assuming the default permissions have not been changed, this means that access to Office Connector Write licenses will be disabled for all users. This may also impact your Office Connector Query licenses if permissions have been assigned in Office Connector Administrator for your Query Designer or Query Standard licenses. For example, if you have restricted access to your Query Designer license(s) to specific people (and the default for everyone else does not grant access), the specific people you granted access for will no longer have access Query Designer.
Event 1 Forecast Version 1.12.0084 or higher will work with Sage v16.1 REV 4, with the following known issues - Issue 1 - Initial Login When you first start Forecast Manager, the “User Selection for ODBC” login prompt window may display briefly and then disappear before you are able to enter your login credentials. The mouse pointer continue to indicate a “waiting” state. Proceed by clicking the File menu and then click Open Database. You will then be prompted to select your Sage 300 CRE data folder and then enter your Sage login credentials. Issue 2 - Templates with Notes You will be unable to post any values back to Sage Job Cost if your Forecast template updates the Cost Code Notes field. Refer to the resolution identified below or ask that your Forecast template be temporarily modified to not update the notes field.
Event 1 Integrator This version of the Sage ODBC driver is not supported with Integrator due to the following issues - Issue 1 – Notes Fields With this version of the ODBC driver, Integrator is not able to update notes fields such as the Commitment Scope of Work field. This eliminates the ability to update Commitments in Sage Job Cost to keep them in sync with Contracts in Prolog Manager. Issue 2 – Automation Wizard The Automation Wizard cannot be used because Sage login credentials are unknown and cannot be saved with the batch. There is no means for the user to add the credentials manually because they are stored in an encrypted format. Issue 3 – Unattended Execution In the event that the login credentials being used by unattended execution are invalid, the process will hang indefinitely rather than reporting and error and exiting.
ODBC Driver Supplied by Sage HotFix for v16.1 REV 5 (driver version This version of the ODBC driver resolves the login issue described above, however... IMPORTANT - YOU MUST UPGRADE THE AFFECTED PRODUCTS IN CONJUCTION WITH THIS UPDATE! Failure to upgrade the affected product will result in the program being unable to connect with your Sage 300 CRE data. Prior to downloading and installing any update, confirm that your software maintenance is current.

Product Updates NOTE – Some of the versions identified here have not yet been released as of the date of this article. Please check the download page or confirm with the technical support team regarding the availability of these versions.
Product Minimum Required Version for Sage 300 CRE v16.1 REV 5
Sage Office Connector (Query & Write) 2.04.0055 Download
Sage Office Connector Import 1.01.0047 Download
Event 1 Forecast 1.14.0006 Download
Event 1 Integrator 2.92.0012 Download