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Office Connector Functions Return #TABLE? Error


In an effort to reduce refresh time(s), Office Connector will optimize the data functions. It does this by creating a SQL statement based on the table name and only the fields referenced by the Office Connector function(s) contained within a workbook. It will then use this SQL statement for future refreshes for that workbook and any other Office Connector workbook opened in the same instance of Excel.


An Office Connector function returns the error #TABLE?(SAGE_TABLE_NAME) after misspelling a field name within an Office Connector function if the first argument in the Office Connector function is a table name and not a custom SQL Statement.


  1. Identify and correct the spelling in all Office Connector functions within the workbook.NOTE: The Log File will have an entry identifying the invalid field name. For example: Invalid column name: 'JSTATU'
  2. Refresh the workbook two times.
  3. Save and close the workbook.
  4. Close Excel completely
  5. Reopen the workbook and refresh again.
  6. Save the workbook.