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Why Liberty Reports?

 Integrated With Excel Work within the comfortable and familiar Excel environment as you run, refresh, and design reports.
 Ease of Use You don't need technical/ IT skills to use Liberty Reports. If you plan to design your own reports, just use the intuitive wizards to help you place information into your Excel worksheets.
 Time Savings Use spreadsheets over and over again with very little effort. Liberty Reports saves time by transforming your Excel workbook into a refreshable report. Formatting, layout, and design of the workbook is done one time and then the data can be refreshed with a sinQle click of vour mouse.
 Transferrable Skills Put what you already know about Excel to work for you. What ever your level of Excel expertise, Liberty Reports allows your skills to be put to use immediately. There is no need to learn everything about reporting from the ground up. That results in a smaller time investment and more raoid return on investment.
 Accuracy of Data Using other methods to put data in Excel leaves much room for error. Inaccurate data can lead to bad business decisions or wasted time and is ultimately costly. With Liberty Reports, data is queried directly from your accounting database, eliminating the chance of human error that might create a discrepancy.
 Presentation Quality Being in the Excel environment allows you to format data in a clean and professional way including colors, fonts, and meaningful business graphics. Reports become interactive, concise, intuitive, and meaningful.


Connect to Your Data There is no need for you to create data sources or build SQL queries. Simply select your database and you're ready to begin working with your data in Excel.
Run & Refresh Reports Whether you use one of the prebuilt reports, build your own, or have a report built for you, reports can be run and refreshed with ease. Retrieve current data values with just a click of the Refresh button.
Save As Values When you need to share your report with others who don't use Liberty Reports, use the Save As Values feature. This turns a Liberty Reports report into an ordinary Excel workbook containing static data in place of the dynamically linked data.
Save Data With Reports Data in a saved workbook can be refreshed automatically when you open the workbook, but if you want, the last queried values can be stored in the workbook and redisplayed. This enables you to work with a snapshot of your data or work disconnected from your database.
Build Queries With a designer license, the query wizard makes it a snap to create Excel queries that give you speedy access to live data. The dynamic data can be refreshed at any time, and rows are automatically added and removed to reflect changes in your data. Create robust queries that can automatically bring together data from multiple tables, sort, summarize, and filter.
Insert Functions Also with a designer license, function wizards guide you step by step making it easy to use Liberty Reports functions in your Excel formulas. These functions allow you to get specific values or summary values from your database.