Limited Warranty for Packaged Excel Templates

March 24, 2020

The following terms and conditions constitute this Limited Warranty for Packaged Excel Templates. Please read this document carefully and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Product:Any Microsoft Excel-Based software product/add-in developed and sold by Event 1 Software. This includes Sage Office Connector, Event 1 Liberty Reports, and Event 1 Forecast.
Template:Note that the definition of this term may differ in other documentation. As used in this document, this term refers to any Microsoft Excel template file created by Event 1 Software (Event1) and that is intended to be included with (i.e., installed with, or provided as part of) a Product.
Target Application:Specific business software product(s) that a Product is designed to work with. Examples of Target Applications include, but are not limited to: Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage Estimating, Vista by Viewpoint, Procore.
Supported Platform:A computing environment that the Product is designed to operate with where the computing environment is described based on a combination of computer hardware, operating system, specific versions of Target Application, and other software such as Microsoft Office.
End-User (You):As used in this document the term End User refers to an authorized user of both the Product and Target Application. This term may be substituted with “you” (or “your” in possessive context) assuming the reader is an End-User.
On-Plan User:An End-User of a perpetual license of the Product with current (non-expired) annual maintenance and support plan, or an End-User of a current subscription license of the Product.

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall be read and applied in the context of a specific Template (i.e. this Template) covered by this Limited Warranty.

  1. Purpose of Template – Event1 provides this Template “AS-IS”, and for the sole purposes of (a) demonstrating the functionality of the Product and (b) for providing a usable application of the Product with the Target Application where it might be applicable. This Template may have certain requirements such as specific data requirements, workflow processes, or other elements that may not be present in your use of the Target Application. In such a case, this Template is not applicable to you, and also not deemed defective on that basis.
  2. Applicable Templates – Event1, at its sole discretion, will determine the set of Templates that are included with the Product. This set may change from time to time. This Limited Warranty only applies to this Template if it is included in the set of Templates being distributed by the current version of the Product (as identified on Event1’s website), or if it is included in a listing of Templates that are currently being made available and intended to be included in the future. This Limited Warranty does not apply to this Template if it was once included with the Product but is not being distributed any longer.
  3. Original Template Only – This Limited Warranty only applies to the original version of this Template and to any updated versions of this Template provided to you by Event1 under this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty does not apply to any derivatives of the Template such as Excel Workbooks you or anyone creates from the Template or to modified versions of the Template that were modified by someone other than Event1. This Limited Warranty also does not apply to any customized version of the Template that may be produced for you by Event1 under a separate service engagement, as this would also be considered a derivative.
  4. Supported Platforms Only – This Limited Warranty only applies when the Template is used with the Product on a Supported Platform of the Product as identified on the Event1 website. Use of this Template in a computing environment other than a Supported Platform will render this Limited Warranty void.
  5. Responsible Use - You assume full responsibility for determining whether this Template is fit for your purposes. In no case shall Event1 assume any liability resulting from anyone’s use of this Template (or derivatives of it), including: (a) any harm resulting from inaccurate or incorrect information, (b) loss of data, (c) loss of time, or (d) any third party expenses resulting from your implementation or use of this Template. You are expected to test and confirm accuracy, completeness, and suitability of this Template for your purposes. Note that if the Template does not suit your needs, there may be another template that does, or you may build or have built for you a custom template. Custom templates are not covered by this warranty.
  6. Responsibility for Defects - This Template includes within it, information that describes its purpose and functionality. Event1 will, to the best of its ability, ensure that this Template delivers the intended functionality in a way that can be verified as correct and accurate relative to the scope and specifications for this Template, as defined by Event1. In the event of a reported defect, Event1, at its sole discretion will determine whether the defect qualifies as a deviation from the intended specifications or not. Event1 will fix defects in this Template in whatever manner and time frame it deems appropriate and will make any fixed version available to On-Plan Users only.
  7. Access to New Versions – Event1, from time to time, may create new versions of this Template for the purpose of either fixing defects or to enhance or modify functionality. In the event that a new version of this Template is made available but not yet distributed with the Product, On-Plan Users may obtain the new version by contacting Event1 or by following steps that Event1 provides to download the new version.
  8. Effect on EULA - In no case shall any term or condition of this Limited Warranty be construed to alter the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the Product or of the Target Application. In the case of a conflict, the terms of the EULA shall supersede.