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Preferences Window – Software Updates

frmprefs_1 Your contact information is stored on your local workstation and is used by the Automatic Updates feature to supply the required information to our web site when downloading the latest version of the software.


Your company name.


Your name.


Your telephone number.


Your email address.

Check for updates now

Click this link to check the web site for updates.  You can also check for updates under the Office Connector Help menu or by going to the Event 1 web site.

Automatically check for program updates

Check this box to have Office Connector periodically check for Software Updates.  You can modify the schedule and other options from within the Software Updates utility.
Note - This checkbox will be disabled if the system administrator is enforcing a specific update policy.


Click OK to save your changes and dismiss the window.


Click Cancel to discard your changes and dismiss the window.


Click Help to display the web help for the associated screen.