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TSFind Examples

General Ledger Example

Find the account number for the GL Account having an owner account number of "CX-12342.153" TSFind("MASTER_GLM_RECORD_1","AACCT","AOWNACT='CX-12342.153'")

Job Cost Example

Find the second job ID in the database for project manager "IAC" by using an offset of 1. TSFind("MASTER_JCM_RECORD_1_1","JOB","JPRJMGR='IAC'",1)

Property Management Example

Find the current rentable square footage for unit 12 on property SCH-1200 by using an offset of -1. TSFind("PROPERTY_PMP_RECORD_19","UFSF","UFPROP='SCH-1200' AND UFUNIT='12' AND UFSFTYP='Rentable'",-1)