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TSLookup Examples

General Ledger Examples

Return the title of a GL Account "10-5001" TSLookup("MASTER_GLM_RECORD_1","ATITLE","10-5001") Return the balance of the GL Account that is stored in cell B5 TSLookup("MASTER_GLM_RECORD_1","ACRBAL",B5)

Job Cost Examples

Return the description of job "01-002" TSLookup("MASTER_JCM_RECORD_1_1","JDESC","01-002") Return the JTD Cost for cost code "1-040" under job "01-001" TSLookup("MASTER_JCM_RECORD_3","PJTDC","01-001","","1-040")

Accounts Payable Examples

Return the vendor name for the vendor ID in cell C16 TSLookup("MASTER_APM_RECORD_9","VNAME",C16) Return the paid status of invoice 8192 for vendor 702. TSLookup("MASTER_APM_RECORD_1","OISTAT","702","8192")

Accounts Receivable Examples

Return the name for customer "NM1" TSLookup("MASTER_ARM_RECORD_1","CNAME","NM1")