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Office Connector Import Templates

The following nineteen Excel templates are included with Office Connector Import and can be found on the Office Connector Launch Pad. Check back in the future for updates to this page that will provide more details about these templates:
  • AP Commitment Invoice (Unit Price).xlt
  • AP Invoice.xlt
  • AR Invoice.xlt
  • AR Invoice Form (ocq).xlt
  • CM Clear Checks (ocq).xlt
  • EQ Recurring Cost Entries.xlt
  • GL Budget (ocq).xlt
  • GL Journal Entries.xlt
  • GL Journal Entries no Prefixes (ocq).xlt
  • GL Journal Entries with Prefixes (ocq).xlt
  • GL Transaction Import File Creator.xlt
  • JC Cost to Complete (ocq).xlt
  • JC Direct Cost Entries.xlt
  • JC Direct Cost Entries (ocq).xlt
  • JC Estimate (ocq).xlt
  • JC Purchase Order (ocq).xlt
  • PM Charge Entries.xlt
  • PM Payment Entries.xlt
  • PR Time Entry (ocq).xlt