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Event 1 Software Enters Construction Estimating Market with Excel-based Reporting and Dashboarding

June 22, 2018, Vancouver, WA – Event 1 Software officially announced today its entry into the construction estimating market with a special edition of its award-winning Excel-based reporting solution, Liberty Reports. The new edition of Liberty Reports has been specifically tailored for use with the SQL edition of Sage Estimating.

With the new edition of Liberty Reports, users of Sage Estimating will be equipped to produce customized proposal documents based on estimates generated with Sage Estimating. This was one of the more significant needs that Event 1 focused on solving. In addition, Liberty Reports will provide companies with the ability to perform other types of analysis on construction estimates, such as management dashboards, estimate comparisons, variance reports, pricing analysis, subcontractor bid history, and more.

Michael Newland, President CEO of Event 1 Software, commented “With our primary product focus having been on construction finance and project management over the past 20 years, everyone here is very excited to now be officially entering the construction estimating arena. We firmly believe that the same tools that our customers have been successful with to-date will now bring a new level of quality reporting, analysis, and presentation to the estimating market, enabling companies to accomplish more with their data and in less time.”

Because Excel is one of the most widely used applications in the business world, Event 1 believes many potential end-users already possess a certain level of Excel skills which they will be able to directly leverage via the Liberty Reports Excel add-in. Unlike other reporting solutions that have a steep learning curve, the company believes that users of its Liberty Reports product will be able to come up to speed quickly to produce their own reusable reports as well as ad-hoc reports on-demand.

As part of a family of Excel-based solutions, Event 1 has stated that Liberty Reports for Sage Estimating will also work alongside other editions of Liberty Reports, including Sage Office Connector, to provide cross-discipline reporting in Excel between estimating, project management, and finance. The ability to bring together data from these separate systems into a single report is unprecedented.

The Sage Estimating version of Liberty Reports was first exhibited at the 2018 TUG National User Conference in Orlando, Florida on May 15th. At that time, Sage personnel, consultants, and end-users alike witnessed some of the key features of the product. Here is what they had to say –

Tim Cooke, Aktion Associates –

“Ever since I first saw Office Connector by Event 1 Software, I have thought about how great it would be for Estimators to have an Excel-based reporting tool as well. With Sage Estimating making the move from Pervasive to MS SQL, my years of asking when we might see this have come to an end. Liberty Report for Sage Estimating allows users to leverage live estimating data in Excel based reports; giving them the power of a database based estimating solution and a reporting tool they are familiar with. No longer do you have to learn a more complicated report writing language, or be held to the canned reports that come with Sage Estimating. Being able to combine the Sage Estimating data with common Excel functionality opens the door for a new level of Estimating Reports for companies across the country. I look forward to seeing how this product progresses, and what new features Event1 Software has in store in upcoming releases.”

Gary Simpson, GL Simpson Associates –

“I feel Liberty Reports for Sage Estimating will fill a hole in the market. This is due to the fact custom reports can be created more easily by using Excel than using other products like Crystal or SSRS.”

Mike Milligan, Director of Marketing: Construction and Real Estate, Sage –

“As our focus is on delivering the best solutions on the market for the estimating cycle, we’re pleased to have a partner like Event 1 delivering additional value by providing our customers with reporting solutions that enhance our mutual customers’ experience even further. We very much see this as a winning combination; Sage Estimating for production of accurate estimates increasing customers’ bid-to-win ratio, and Liberty Reports for proposals, analytics and professional presentation of information via Excel. We also believe this is a great example of one of Sage’s strengths in the marketplace; our development partner program, which Event 1 Software has been a part of for many years.”

About Sage and Sage Estimating

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With over 30-years of industry knowledge factored in, Sage Estimating is a leading solution in the construction estimating market and is used by estimators to capture details about a potential construction project being bid, apply pricing and custom calculation processes, and produce an accurate estimate leading to a higher bid-to-win ratio. For more information about Sage, or Sage Estimating, call (800) 628-6583 or visit www.sage.com.

About Event 1 Software and Liberty Reports

Based out of Vancouver Washington, Event 1 Software has been in business since 1998 to provide data analysis and integration solutions in the Construction and Real Estate market. Among those solutions is Liberty Reports which is an Excel add-in that has been on the market since 2008 and provides direct connectivity to business data for reporting, analysis and dashboarding. It is currently utilized by users of Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Vista by Viewpoint, Builder MT – WMS, Sales Simplicity, Trimble Prolog Manager, and Spectrum by Viewpoint. Event 1 Software is also the maker of Sage Office Connector, which is marketed under a white-label OEM agreement with Sage, and provides bi-directional Excel-based integration with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. For more information about Event 1 Software, call (360) 567-3752 or visit www.event1software.com.