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Event 1 Software’s Quick Aim Database Reference Books – Newest Edition Makes Life Easier for Sage Community

Today, April 11, 2017, Event 1 Software introduced the latest edition of its Quick Aim database reference books for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (Sage 300 CRE), a prominent ERP system used by thousands of construction and property management firms. The new edition of the books includes fresh content based on the 16.1 version of the Sage 300 CRE database and marks over 17 years of its distribution to more than 2,000 customers world-wide.

Event 1 Software created the Quick Aim reference books to be a central source of information about the Sage 300 CRE database and how to interact with it. “The idea of ‘Quick Aim’ came from our goal of being able to quickly target the information you need, when you need it” says Michael Newland who is the lead content developer of Quick Aim and also President of Event 1 Software.

Sage 300 CRE end-users as well as Sage consultants attest that Quick Aim is a great resource for gaining a serious understanding of how information is stored in Sage 300 CRE, where that information resides and how to retrieve it. Dori Kane, a Consultant from Alliance Solutions Group, LLC, had this to say about Quick Aims - “I think they (Quick Aims) are invaluable they have chapters of information I cannot find anywhere else, namely the table relationships diagrams and the record types in each data file.”

Delivered as a spiral-bound tabbed desk reference, the 3-volume, 600+ page set of books consists of a Construction Applications book, focusing on Sage 300 CRE applications used by construction companies, a Property Management Application book focusing on the Sage application used by property management companies, and a Core Applications book that covers Sage 300 CRE applications common to both customer groups.

Each book contains information such as table-relationship diagrams, application-data-flow diagrams, import specifications, function syntax, ODBC specifications, and a complete data dictionary listing all of the tables and columns that make up the Sage 300 CRE database.

About Event 1 Software

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