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Liberty Reports a Hit at Viewpoint

Portland, Oregon – Liberty Reports, the latest generation of Event 1 Software’s award winning Excel-based reporting technology, was a big hit at the recently completed Collaborate 2016, the annual conference for users of Viewpoint Construction Software.

“We were delighted and a bit astonished with the excitement Liberty Reports generated at the Viewpoint conference,” says Mike Newland, President and CEO Event 1 Software. “People were lined up deep at our booth after our session because they needed something easier to work with than Crystal Reports and their other Viewpoint options. Everyone wanted a robust reporting tool they could use on their own.”

The sense of excitement for Liberty Reports was captured well by Milena Urc, Staff Accountant at Miller-Valentine Group, who took in the Event 1 Software session on Liberty Reports.

“I was blown away by what I saw in the session,” Urc says. “I could immediately see that Liberty Reports was going to make end-of-the-month reporting, end-of-quarter, and end-of-year reporting so much easier for everyone companywide.” Urc’s colleagues were impressed as well.

Miller-Valentine Group, based in Dayton, Ohio, is a nationally recognized company providing clients with commercial and multifamily construction, development, sales & leasing, property management, and financial consulting for over 50 years.

Ease of Use

“We had tried Financial Manager through Viewpoint, but found it frustrating to use so we had gone back to Microsoft FRx, even though it was no longer supported,” Urc says. “We were impressed by the ease of use of Liberty Reports. Anyone who works with Excel can easily create whatever reports they need with Liberty Reports.”

The ease of use translates into major time savings.

“I used to spend a day and a half creating our earnings report,” Urc says. “With Liberty Reports I’ll be able to create the same reports within half an hour. Liberty Reports just seems more user-friendly in the ways of construction-minded people.”

Complete Solution

Miller-Valentine Group was impressed by the completeness of Liberty Reports. While some products they looked at were limited to general ledger functions, Liberty Reports is able to meet all their needs.

“It was frustrating with other products we looked at to not be able to do job cost reporting,” Urc says. “A construction company has to be able to do job costing. With Liberty Reports we can do anything we could do with Excel, which means your only limit on reporting is your imagination.”

Seamless Integration

Another big sales point proved to be the seamless integration Liberty Reports provides for bringing in data from other sources.

“We have a number of data sources we need to pull from, including our CRM system, our Yardi for property management, Jenark for accounting, ProContractor for bidding, and other applications,” Urc says. “Traditionally it has been a major headache to pull in data from all of these systems to create consolidated financials. Liberty Reports works seamlessly with all of these systems which is a huge relief.”

About Event 1 Software

Event 1 Software creates powerful and intuitive reporting tools for users of Microsoft Excel. The company’s Liberty Reports transforms Excel into an intuitive reporting environment for generating everything from financial statements to auditing and exception reports, to robust business intelligence. Liberty Reports is transformative in that users can now create and modify their own custom reports —without having to endure the steep learning curve of conventional tools, or waiting for consultants. The Event 1 Office Connector suite of products includes Office Connector Query, which sets the standard for Excel-based reporting with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Other products from Event 1 Software include Event 1 Integrator for Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate as well as Event 1 Forecast for distributed Excel-based project cost forecasting. Founded in 1998, Event 1 Software is based in Vancouver, WA. For more information, please contact us at (360) 567-3752, or visit us online at www. event1software.com