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Trimble Systems® Prolog Manager® Users poised to benefit from Excel-based

Event 1 Software’s Office Connector, already favored by over 1,000 end users, brings its power to Prolog. Event 1 Software demonstrated Office Connector for Prolog Manager and Microsoft Excel at Trimble Systems 2007 User Conference

April 23, 2007 - Vancouver, WA - Event 1 Software, Inc. (Event 1) creators of the award winning Integrator for Trimble Prolog Manager and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, today, in both Vancouver, WA and at the Trimble Systems User Conference, Booth 7, in San Diego, CA, unveiled the prototype of its newest product, Office Connector for Prolog Manager and Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is widely considered the most popular information analysis software in use world wide. Event 1 has already experienced overwhelming success with Office Connector for Excel and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate (STO), with over 1,000 STO customers choosing Office Connector and Excel as their preferred information management tool. The introduction of Office Connector for Prolog Manager brings to Prolog users unprecedented functionality and convenience when accessing their Prolog information from within Excel.

"We regularly hear from Prolog users who want to do cost forecasting, reporting across projects and more from within Excel. Many of them are aware of Event 1 Forecast (Project Manager distributed cost forecasting) and Office Connector for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and have wanted the same access to their Prolog information", says James Coyle, President, Event 1 Software. "In fact, customers often want to forecast costs based on Prolog information, then have those cost forecasts integrate automatically with their Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data. Office Connector can do that and much more!"

Product Basics

Office Connector for Prolog Manager is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows users to directly connect Excel to their data source (in this case Prolog Manager data). An Office Connector toolbar in Excel gives the users access to wizards allowing them to directly connect a cell in Excel to data in Prolog, or connect a range of cells to fields and tables in Prolog. Wizards even allow the users to conditionally pull data from Prolog based on variables (e.g. a range of dates) and those variables can be cell values within the workbook.

The result is that by changing a range of dates, a project number or some other criteria the workbook can conditionally and automatically refresh the data from Prolog. This allows Office Connector customers to focus on their preferred worksheet layout, cell formats and more, leveraging the full power of Excel, including automatic sort and subtotaling, Auto Filters, Hyperlinks and more. Existing Office Connector users claim extraordinary increases in productivity through the use of Excel and Office Connector, including work processes that once took days now taking hours or minutes!

What’s New in this Generation

Office Connector for Prolog Manager brings the familiar, interactive data-integration tools prior version of Office Connector have offered with the following improvements:

  • Ability to draw information from multiple databases simultaneously
  • Shared (floating) or named licensing
  • Expanded functions (Lookup, Count, Sum, Min, Max, Avg etc.)
  • Wizard access to sorting, summing, conditioning and linking tables
  • Ability to link tables via a wizard

About Event 1 Software

Located in Vancouver, WA, Event 1 Software is a premier developer of Microsoft Excel based Business Intelligence software. Since 1998, Event 1 Software has provided technology to thousands of forward thinking end users through its suite of Excel-based integration products, including Office Connector Query, Office Connector Write, and Forecast. In addition, Event 1 Integrator for Prolog Manager and Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is widely recognized as the most successful strategic integration with over 60 companies relying on Integrator for seamless Prolog/Timberline integration.

Contact Event 1 Software, Inc. via email - sales@event1software.com, or call (360) 567-3750, or visit our website at event1software.com.